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Fair Trade Flash Mob

This was the big event of the UBC Fair Trade Committee’s fair trade week and what a kick off it was!

I spent the weekend fearing rain but when Monday morning rolled around, we were blessed with glorious sunshine and puffy white clouds. Juliana from the Fair Trade Committee had already planned to follow me around with a big golf umbrella but thankfully it stayed as a backup plan and she was able to participate in the festivities.

Because the flash mob would be moving quickly and to several different locations, I did not know what to expect and prepared for just about everything. I brought the GH2 with the Lumix 7-14mm wide zoom, the 14-140mm kit zoom in case I needed flexiblity, and both the Steadicam and the monopod. I started with the Steadicam indoors but because of the windy conditions outside, I expected to have to switch to the monopod once we ventured out. My awesome assistant Faye followed me around the entire time holding my monopod, ready for me to request an exchange at a moment’s notice. I ended up staying on the steadi the whole time, because it was working out OK and I didn’t want to miss any of the action. I ended up shooting the entire event on the 7-14 and the Steadi.

The wind sure was a challenge though! Because the GH2 is such a feather weight, I usually balance it with a hot shoe LED light on top for the added inertia. Even with the added weight, it was no match for the rapid gusts! You can see me getting blown around in the footage outdoors. Still, it worked out well enough and most of the footage was usable.

Audio wise, I stuck to the reliable on board mic of the GH2. If only all video DSLRs had mics like this one.

It was a suitably grand kick off to a successful fair trade week and I was glad to have been a part of it.