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EMS June Bike Night

Essential Motorcycle Services hosted another wonderful bike night. Bike Night reminds us once again that motorcycling is much less about motorcycles and riding and much more about socializing and making new friends. Which is a similar approach we take at Picture and Color Media, while doing something totally different which is filmmaking. We really love the social aspect of making films. Getting to see, capture and share people’s happiness and emotions is extremely gratifying to us as storytellers and even something as simple as a bunch of motorcycle riders getting together to chat over a BBQ can be a great opportunity to tell an emotionally engaging story that captures the ‘feel’ of the event, rather than exhaustively capturing all of the little specifics. We are always most concerned about feel in the story more than anything else, from the smallest of stories to the largest ones. Feelings and emotions connect with our audience in way that shooting actions alone do not.

This is a very quick edit highlighting the evening. Shot on the Canon 5D Mark III with the 24-70 2.8L exclusively and supported by the Steadicam Merlin arm/vest combined with my favorite stabilizer, the CMR Blackbird.