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Party Boat

This was shot some time ago, when I first got the GH1.

A group of friends rented a boat for the evening and I was invited along to shoot. With the boat filled to capacity, it was extremely difficult to bring any kind of stabilization on board. No tripod, no monopod, just my hands and the camera. The GH1’s 14-140mm kit lens (the only one I had at the time) was invaluable. The image stabilization in lens was a great help especially when zoomed in for telephoto.

The small form factor of the GH can be extremely helpful in tight spaces, but shooting for extended periods handheld was quite hard on the wrists. The record button especially is in an awkward position behind the shutter button.

With the incessant hum of the vessel’s motor a constant along with wind and ocean noises, I did not have much usable audio. I made the decision to sacrifice the audio track in post, opting instead for a fast powerful song to drive the narrative. I had actually shot this in the GH1’s 720p/60 mode, but conformed to 24p in post to restore a more filmic look. I had initially planned to slow down parts of the 60p footage to 24p for slow motion, but the editing pace I eventually chose did not give opportunity. Still, I am happy with the final pace of the film, which is fast and flowing, much like the events of the evening.