Heart of Yaletown (Cine Tour)

After the success of my 8828 Cooper Road film, I was invited to shoot this: a very posh and beautifully renovated Yaletown condo in Vancouver.

The owner really wanted to highlight the spaciousness of the living room and kitchen, as well as the various details like the textured living room wall and the upscale bathrooms that made this downtown home special.

It’s very important to me that I always approach projects with a cinematic process. This means taking the time to scout the location, learn about my objectives, visualize my shots, and then use my understanding of the equipment to execute the artistic vision. This is a very different approach from most real estate shooters and one that takes much more care and time than they do but also allows me to pour my creative juices into the process and produce something that is effective, stylish, polished and most of all — interesting. This is what I’ve done here!

Date: March 2012 Client: Private Owner Skills: Real Estate