David (Cine Tour)

As a filmmaker, when I’m shooting homes, I take an attitude that is not much different than if I were shooting people. I care just as much about engaging my audience in the film, stimulating their visual and auditory senses and crafting a story that is natural to follow and watch. Yes, there is still a story!

This is what’s different about my attitude from the various cookie cutter services available elsewhere. I also have much better equipment and cinematography, but that’s just icing on the cake. My main point is that I take the time to scout the location, prioritize on what’s important to my client, add my creative flair, and shoot and edit in such a way that is — first and foremost — satisfying to myself because then I’ll know it’ll be interesting.

A recent project from developer Mosaic Homes allowed me to do that. Here are two of their show homes (David and Hillcrest) that I’ve provided cinematography for. Client was very pleased with the results. Enjoy!

Date: September 2012 Client: Mosaic Homes Skills: Real Estate